Monday, January 23, 2012

New Beginning! 131 days and 130lbs to go!

Hey Everyone!

Since I could remember I was always a heavier than most kids. I can still recall the day when looked at myself in the bathroom mirror at school saying OMG! I'm fat. FYI, I was only in the 3rd grade at 130lbs. O how I wish now I was that size. It was hard I always saw the other girls that were thinner than me and how boys liked them. Growing up as a kid being a heavier girl was hard and yes, I had friends but I notice they wouldn't invite me to sleepovers and other things. My mother hated how my so called "friends" would treat me and she always gave my advice on how I'm better than them, which was true. By the 6th grade I tried Weight Watchers and quitted. By high school I was up 200lbs and I kept going up. During that time I went back to weight watchers, and Jenny Craige. I lost about 20lbs totally but end up gaining it back. Since after high school I've gained about 50lbs or so. Just about a month or 2 ago I weight in at 298.4. OMG I wanted to die I couldn't believe I let myself get that big. So I started changing my eating habits and exercising here and there. I currently weigh 280.4. I lost 18lbs!!! Since the new year I'm finally sticking to my guns and going to make a life style change. My goal is to lose weight by my b-day June 3 so that's 131days and 130lbs, which brings me to 150. I'm 5'6 133-150 is an average good weight plus I LOVE having my curves! So starting today my chest is 52in, waist is 48in, hips 58in. Everyday I will do my hardest to eat healthy, exercise, and write a post on the day. I also am taking a body cleanser called Healthy People it is all natural. I'm not joking so far I really like it. I know 2 women that have been taking it and eating what they want just in moderation and lost a significant amount of weight. I am currently working at a salon and spa as head Esthetician and Make Up Artist. I Love my career! I will also be putting up make up tutorials, tips and tricks, Out of the Days and Night, Skin Care, and everything in between of my life. I hope some of you find this inspiring to make certain changes in your own life. Feel free to ask me questions on anything.

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